3 thoughts on “Wicca Herbal Magic: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Wiccan Herbal Magic (with Magical Oils, Baths, Teas and Spells)”

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    Good info, needs editing, March 12, 2019
    Kimberly Woo

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    While informative about basic herbs (such as ones that could be easily found in a kitchen cabinet), I would have preferred herbs that are less common/familiar. The recipes are useful and simple for the average reader; more experienced readers should look elsewhere. However, I found the reading experience extremely stunted by the lack of editing. Much like a college essay, this is riddled with typos and repetitive phrases. A little editing can go a long way in moving this from Mediocre to Very Good.
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    Good info but has typos that distract from the work., December 4, 2017

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    I would have given it a 5 star except for the typos. Most of the info is good and for someone just beginning, will give them a good start.

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