Wealth Attraction Bath Spell

Merry Meet, This spell is most effective if performed prior to an event that can bring you money. And this Wealth Attraction Bath Spell can be performed day/night 24/7

For this bath spell you will need:

• A pinch of sea salt
• Three drops basil oil
• Three drops cinnamon oil
• Three drops pine oil
• Pinch of patchouli herb
• Small bottle with a tight lid

Now let us begin, Run a warm bath, add the salt, oils and herbs to the water. Get in, and soak yourself for at about 15 minutes. Will soaking in the bath, think about the upcoming event that can bring you money, and what you want the outcome to be.

Before you drain the water, fill the bottle with bathwater. Carry the bottle with you to the meeting. Below are links to  items you will need for your bath.

Blessed be,