9 thoughts on “Summer Altar 2010”

  1. I try to never take anything I have for granted! I exercise, take vitamins and get my daily dose of at least 20 of Sun Shine a day (vitamin D) Plus just finaly feeling free in a religion and the balance that comes along with it.

  2. Beautiful altar! I finally have my own set up, I've never been able to do so. My boyfriend bought me a small table with a drawer for my birthday (just after the solstice, June 25th) because he knew how badly I wanted to finally do this for myself and for my spirituality. I have also been YouTube-less for about a week!!! Ahhh it's nice to be back 🙂 Blesses be! )O( xo

  3. Hello Dearest Flora I hope you had a Blessed & Happy Litha with your family!!!!…and I loveeeeee your altar set up…Brightest Blessings!

    Love & Blissful Light,
    Big Huggs!

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