19 thoughts on “Starting Out in Witchcraft – 9 Things You Need to Know”

  1. Came here in search of a basic introduction video for a friend of mine who's become interested in witchcraft after hearing of my practice, and I just want to say that I love this video! This is stuff that took me forever to learn on my own, well condensed into a form that's good for beginners. Keep it up!

  2. Wow… new subscriber. Hands down impressed in the first few minutes. First male practitioner I’m legit gonna probably watch every single video of. Also oh my word please do videos on the will.

  3. Hi hi!! I don't know if you'll ever see this or ever answer me hehe, I'm really interested in witchcraft i tried finding pdf of witchcraft lessons or whtvr but they're all so boring to read with a 5 font size like please 😭😭 I wouldnt say that I was always interested in witchcraft but I do know about the law of attraction,, i used it without knowing from a very young age well I'm not that old I'm only 19 but anyws, I use it pretty often,at least when it wants to work haha cuz it usually always work for the stuff that I'm nit really attached to like I would think " kinda want this " then I'll forget about it cuz it just wasnt really important and smh the opportunity will just present itself or the object will literally come to me like pls can you work like this for the thing that I really love lmao,, anyws I wanna know if you could help me on where to begin what to read 🥺🥺 honestly I'm mostly interested in spells and in learning more about myself I think I'm gonna start with searching things about shadow self in witchcraft, not gonna lie I'm not interested in wicca, well I dont know much about it actually my parent are muslim but I'm more of an agnostic I would say even tho I do believe in the law of the universe so I wonder if believing in the power of the universe is actually what being a wicca is idk ugh,, anyws hope you can guide me 🤗🤗

  4. From what I saw and read on the internet, this is gay Freemasonry that enslaves people by having people swallow a pill with an RFID antenna transistor chip. Other people had their kids surgically stabbed at childbirth with a sawing needle Pinhead Antenna, known as the Splinter Cell.

    This society operates on money given through blood sacrifice, and is known in other forms as Witchcraft, Yale Society (Skull and Bones), Prince Hall (African Americans), the Vatican (catholics), and Knights of Malta (Jesuits?)

    The hidden truth behind all these gay mafia clubs: Witchcraft is Demonic Bitchcraft which is the Lesbian mutilatory/Satanic form of Homosexual rapist agenda known as the Eastern Star of Jewish Freemasonry where you have to commit murder to join the organization/cult, like killing somebody in a Masonic lodge or committing miscarriage/abortion with proof of the blood sacrifice as part of the Gay (serial killer) ritual. Once you're done with a sacrificial ritual, gays give you everything you need, and this keeps going until you're dead, like many popular celebrities and stars.

  5. I love witchcraft and have been fascinated by it since I was a child. I’ve loved the thought of magic, spells, spirits, energy… etc, but the sad part is my family members are all super holy Christians. I’m not saying that I don’t believe in Christianity, I do, however I just wish there was a middle ground on how I can practice witchcraft without “going to hell” and still believe in Jesus.

  6. I HATE lose Twenty minutes In my life…just. watching a face that talk, talk,talk, talk ..😝.

  7. Personal self transformation yes! My third eye opened started being more comfortable w spirits etc

  8. My altar probably ain’t right lol I just made it how I want lol can you have multiple dieties on one altar? I’m in a townhome not a lot of space and do you HAVE to have all of the elements I don’t have water on my altars.. I normally don’t even think about it just goes w what feels right but now I’m wondering lol

  9. I agree that magic is more about self transformation than getting what you want. Thank you for this video. 🙂

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