Pamela Eakins at her Book Party
witchcraft book
Image by Earthworm
Pamela was my first spiritual teacher. I took her year long course in pagan initiations and rituals of the goddess some 20 years ago. This tradition has its roots in an earth based practice — what some might call witchcraft. And we did discuss quite a bit the persecution of Witchcraft by the church and why this benefited the patriarchal systems of the Christian Church and church based medicine (which led to a male dominated healing profession of doctors once the village wise women and healers were burned at the stake).

Pamela began her career as a Stanford professor in anthropology. Her academic roots made her accessible and meaningful to me and she did provide her students with plenty of scholarly information about where things came from.

Pamela has turned to the novel form to carry her teachings and it was fun to see her act out the characters in her reading. It is not surprising that this book "The Lightning Papers" revolves around a professor and her students.

She was my introduction to the cultural transformation of our society from a male dominated to a female centered one. I found it empowering and grounding at the same time. Previously to that I saw no power in being a woman and thought the only road to social power was found by emulating male strength. Her pursuit of feminist issues through female centered means was a significant role model for me.

She is seen her reading at Harbor Books on the coast in Granada near Half Moon Bay. The store was packed with friends, old students, her family and a handful of walk-ins.

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