PAGANISM, WICCA, AND WITCHCRAFT – What's the Difference?

What are your thoughts on my definitions of Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft? Share how you would define these terms in the comments!


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20 thoughts on “PAGANISM, WICCA, AND WITCHCRAFT – What's the Difference?”

  1. Please when you talk about witchcraft you talk about "the divine"? i would like to know who exactly you mean it is please ? thank you

  2. I am catholic and I find all of this sooooo interesting and I love learning about it. I have many problems finding by believ in a religion. I am baptized catholic but I have many problems with the worldy part of it. The entire herachie is not good in my opinion. I do believe in a God or something spiritual. But I have my problems with the church. I also have a strong connection to nature.

  3. MY Mum was in hospitail in her ward was a pagan witch who couldn't stop making weird hand geustures over her in her sleep

  4. Being an old witch going on crone… LOL The way I was brought up (as a Witch) is that Wicca is a dogma of Witchcraft a chopped down version, a dilution of what is. That a witch is a practitioner of the old ways who's power is granted from our goddess. That witchcraft the way pop culture see it… is… insulting to those who are actually Witches.

  5. Loved the video! Very cohesive and informative! 💕💕 Keep doing what you’re doing 🌙❤️🙌🏽

  6. Merry Meet & blessing to you this was the first time I have seen your show, in my opinion, you did a great job on defining what a Pagan is thank you for what you are doing. Bless it be

  7. What or who are your deities or gods you believe in? What are the writings called that teach? Thank you.

  8. Hi 🙂 i have a question considering the adjustments in neo-paganism when it comes to rituals like sentient sacrifice. Like the bull to Zeus or sometimes Human sacrifices in Norse/Celtic and Aztec beliefs. If knowledge of the necassity of these sacrifices was passed on to our ancestors to please certain gods in order to gain their favour how are you at liberty to choose not to do so ? Simply put: You need to sacrifice a cow to Odin for his favour, how do you gain his favour if you choose not to ? From what i know you don't personaly choose what pleases a god.

  9. i believe in the universal force of life and love
    witchcraft is helping me very much to connect again.

  10. Well paganism isn't one religion, it's a name given to pre Christian religions. It was actually coined by Christians as an "insult" of sorts, and of course stole many of their holidays and rituals.

  11. Ya when I joined Freemasonry I thought it seemed like Wicca , and then I basically found the same info as you .
    That Wicca is partly based off of Freemasonry .

  12. Witchcraft is a part of paganism and wicca is another word for witchcraft because there the same and it's evil either way you can't change it.

  13. Please don’t judge me, I have a genuine question!

    When you say, two figures heads one male, one female, are they two specific Gods? Or are they two…I don’t wanna say random, but Gods that are different for everyone? ex. Athena and Dionysus, I’m really curious.

  14. After 35 years of Christianity and it running into a desert spiritually speaking, I turned to Egyptian religion which lead me back to my Finnish pagan roots. Now I'm investigating all those "faiths" mainstream Christianity poo poo'd over the years.

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