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    I need help. I have some kind of supernatural trixster in my home. We call them fairies. But if course I am unsure of their true nature or name. We normally leave them in peace and pay them no mind. Unfortunately they have an act for taking things and this time it is my wallet with money and ID I can not go shopping for my wallet is still in their possession. Does anyone have advice on how to get them to return the wallet. Maybe an exchange. And how can I call to them for the switch

    • I casted an oracle and it litteraly says: “Leave it alone. When the time is right it will show itself”

    • Thats the thing little brother…well …the most important is firstly take your first finger and point it at something your intending to or already have charmed/hexed/blessed/cursed or any variation there of. Now take that hand thats pointing that finger and turn it over with moving the position of your pointing finger to where your palm is facing up……wich is the counter part to whatever you cast on to any other…..three hidden fimgers folded facing yourself folded over your palm…in other words …in regards to your case unfortunately your wallet was stolen by someone in your household who blinded by their evil ways will surely stuggle to gain any true friends unless someone shows him/her a less destructive path …because the same energy that charges our phones and is as well the ultimate undeniable raw energy responsible for our very structure and ecosystems…also is undeniably within our power to harness and focus on to our wills and desires….it gives us a connection with every other life form that exists….because one great act of good through self sacrifice can spread like the morning sun….but one desperate act of pure evil meant to only hurt….can spread like hellfire. So please focus on whats truth whats lies and please spread wealth and happiness so that counteractively the haters that cast out such blind waves of helfire dont destroy us all….i am a medicne man an ordained minister and a martial artist mainly and i thank the great spirit every day for giving me the strength to forgive those who wrong me because without it the evil side of me is more black heartless and capable of levels of destruction that would send a shriek of pure terror right up your spine and out your mouth…but i have been blessed with the gift of sight and know no matter wich way i look with the eyes of my demon all that i see is how many different ways Death and hopelessness can so easily take over and blind me if i lose control…i hope this message helps someone…because i know what i know from a long life of pains and triumphs and no part of any spell cast is ever a game….if you dont know what your casting or are uncomfortable with what your casting out it can have life altering affects that may cause you a lot of pain….please ask for guidance from an older and/or more experienced soul for help …the only bad question is the one you don’t ask. Thanks for reading. Your brother Thomas. Healer/postive affirmation divination specialist.