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    - "A Quick Money Spell Items: 1 Green candle Cinnamon oil 1 new clean dollar bill 1oz. Patchouli incense Ritual: This spell requires good visualization. Take a green candle and anoint it with cinnamon oil. […]"View
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    - "Today’s Candle Light a red candle to receive vigor and strength. Meditating with a red candle enables courage, power, fertility, magnetism, desire, and action. Ruling Deities 🙏 Ares, Ceres and Demeter are rule […]"View
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    - "Any ideas on meditation techniques?"View
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    - "THE HISTORY OF MOTHER’S DAY HOW MOTHER’S DAY STARTED By Lucille J. Goodyear While the Mother’s Day that we celebrate on the second Sunday in May is a fairly recent development, the basic idea goes back to a […]"View
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    - "Hello WiccanChat blessed day"View
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    - "Hi everyone I hav’nt been on here in a while. I’m just dropping by to say hi. I’m hope yous are well I’m sending you my blessings of love and light. Bless it be 💖"View
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    - "I have been Pagan since I was 14 it all started when a coven noticed me at the river everyday but as life moved on we moved apart so im trying to find some new people to talk to and maybe a few to meet up with im […]"View
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    - "Listen to BEAUTIFUL LIES by VVITCH #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/www/beautiful-lies"View
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    - "Merry meet everyone I hope all is well 🙂"View
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    - "I think what I’m definitely looking for is a mentor, someone to teach me and guide me"View
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