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    Does anyone use runes? Im interested to hear your experience. In the process of making my own excited to start using them!

    • I have never tried, but am open to learn.

    • Raymond Buckland Complete Book of Witchcraft has everything you need to know about them it’s very interesting to start and really is safe for pretty much anyone 😊 oh and you can download the full pdf file of his book on your phone for free if you like 😊 just Google it

    • I love Runes, especially Nordic Runes. There’s an interesting app called Rune that has daily divination and some runic formulas. Also, information on using the formulas, detailed explanations of each rune, and other info. It’s only in one type of runic language which is a bummer but at the same time it’s easy to follow and for beginners like me, it’s not intimidating.