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    Wiccan Devotional for Wednesday 16th

    Light a purple candle to promote spiritual development and an enhanced consciousness. Meditating with a purple candle stimulates instrospection, change and manifestations.

    Ruling Deities 🙏

    Athena, Hermes, Mercury and Minerva are rulers of Wednesdays.

    🔹Absolutely loving this book 💞💕

    If anyone is curious about wicca I would definitely suggest reading this 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 #wicca #harmonynice #enchantedendevours#wiccaforbeginners. https://bit.ly/31mZoIz

    Crystals for Wednesdays 💎

    Agate, Amber, Aventurine, Citrine, Emerald, Moldavite.

    Carrying these gemstones today can bring success and fulfillment of your goals. Wear them as a talisman or simply keep them close to you to harness their energy.

    🔹It’s the Witch’s New Year!

    This video is full of Spooky Halloween Vibes! I hope you enjoy learning about the Wiccan Sabbat Samhain and how I’ll be celebrating this magickal spoopy holiday! Enjoy my lil witch bbs xoxox

    [ J O I N T H E C O V E N ]


    A Wednesday Potion 🍵

    Drink a cup of Lavender Tea today and harness the calming effects of its soothing aroma. This herbal potion can bring total relaxation of the mind and body, neutralizing any bad moods.

    Lavender helps reduce stress levels and sleep disorders, granting an undisturbed night of sleep and a refreshed feeling in the morning

    Blessed be,🧙