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    - "So I’m just starting my Wiccan journey, and I’m trying to figure out my patron deity. My friend sent me a meditation video that has you meet your spirit guide, but I didn’t get a clear answer. I did see a woman in […]"View
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    - "Hi, so it today is the 13 of September and a Friday. I have a question for the people that know better: at night I was doing my spells and one of the spells required me to go outside. So I went outside, but when […]"View
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    - "Does anyone know any spells, on retrieving a loss or stolen item(s)?. If so please help."View
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    - "Please I’m new here greetings to everyone kindly asking if there’s a nessresly things do"View
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    - "Hello everyone How’s everyone is doing"View
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    - "Blessed be, all! I’m new here and I’ve just had an interesting find outside my window. There’s a dead Robin! I don’t know what that means if anything. Any ideas?"View
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    - "I need help I think my cat is my familiar he keeps bringing me offerings not just live ones like a normal cat he brings me clean bones it may not be anything but he brought me a cleaned in tact bird skull […]"View
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    - "I’m a somewhat-moderately religious person, I include prayers in my daily activities, but I’m not overly religious to share parts of my time to devotion, I haven’t reached those level yet, but now I start to doubt […]"View
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    - "Hello all, I just moved up to Wickenburg, AZ from Phoenix, AZ to take care of my father. I am a strong empath and sometimes it is very overwhelming. Living in my Grandmother’s house with her and my father is like […]"View