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    - "Wiccan Devotional for Monday 21st 🧙 Today’s Candle Light a white candle for clearing negative energies and have an auspicious start of the week. Meditating with a white candle attracts clarity and good […]"View
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    - "Hi everyone, I am very new, and am in need of a mentor to walk me through everything. Thanks in advance."View
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    - "Had surgery on the 1th. Recovery is slow going. Thanks to all offering healing thoughts and positive vibes."View
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    - "Hey all, new here and exploring my Wicca side. I have a interest in earth and plants and willing to learn"View
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    - "Good evening! Just looking to chat"View
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    - "Hello everyone! My name is Erin, I’m new to all of this and am trying to figure out my way, is there anyone who would be able to answer a few questions for me, like where is a good place to start learning all of […]"View
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    - "Moon is in Cancer ♋ The Moon is the Ruler of Cancer, so the energies of the Moon are strongly felt and easily expressed at this time. Emotions and moods are most likely to fluctuate when the Moon is in C […]"View
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    - "im new to this …. ? very interested in wicca"View
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