Want to feel lucky? We all do. What if I can show you a quick and easy way to start changing your luck today! This Ritual is real – Only if you believe it to be true, then you will begin to manifest into this reality.

Items needed for spell:
  • 7 green candles
  • 7 coins
  • A gold chain, or ring

Best time for Ritual: New Moon


To begin, you must Place on the floor, or table – 7 green candles in a circle. Then, you will place the 7 coins under each candle.

As you do this, begin to chant:

“Hear my verse Spirit of Fortune
Bring the power, and command to drive the money to me!”

Now, close your eyes while the candles continue to burn. Concentrate on your wish, money flowing your way. Opportunities opening up. Job offers every where etc..

To complete ritual let the 7 candles extinguish completely. That’s it!

Blessed be,