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Thought Provoking Question this week within The #AskShane series.. if not a bit controversial… Which is why its important to explore..

Q: Morning Shane hope you are having a nice weekend. I need a hand….What quick fire banishing spell do you know of that will keep my neighbour above me quiet and from slamming doors forcibly all night. Long story…Clearly social issues going on.A guy of 20ish doesn’t work. He doesn’t sleep at night and has a constant every 10 mins door slamming thing. I was awake til 4am last night and Friday. Authorities are dealing with it but he’s not stopping. My happiness here is being spoilit by him. I’m exhausted Shane 😞 thanks I appreciate anything that you’ve used and works J 🙏 xx

A: A: Banishing it can be a very forceful form of magic ideally used when wanting to remove someone from your life who is being harmful or aggressive or incredibly unhealthy for you… Where is this situation the guy upstairs is not acting personally towards you?

Make sense? Follow me so far?

So to banish him would possibly remove him!!! Which is what banishing is!!! And that just moves the problem and situation somewhere else.. Ie it kicks the problem down to road.. And possibly literally…

Spirits approach is This…. is Illumination Magic
Source a LARGE white Pillar Candle… Fire it Up…

Say these Words

Peace Above Me
Peace Below Me
Peace Surrounds Me
By the powers of 3 times 3 This is my will so may it be….

This is a healing approach …

Magic is a very personal thing.. Yet this approach I really resonate with.. Its healing and anchored in that approach… also gives everyone a deeper perspective on the problem… and also could ignite support for the guy upstairs as I sense and feel there is some trauma there…

Very different approach, A Great Teaching by Spirit, Do you think?

I wouldn’t advise a banishing at this level… all you do is kick the problem down the road!!!

This approach is healing… 💫✨🙏
Peace above me peace below me. Peace surrounds me!!
By the powers of 3 times three this is my will so may it be 🙏

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4 thoughts on “Joe as Annoying Wiccan”

  1. LoL! M.O.V.E. Sorry… Just watching the video now. Headphones? The whir of a fan? It depends on the skills you know. I always use Love, my best thoughts, send it out from my self, my heart and good feelings are sent out, towards the place or person I want it to touch… Yet this is not every day and only on exceptional days! I sense and notice the vibes of an area rather than the noise. As well, I have learned and I teach that we basically have three choices in all matters of decision [as such]: 1) Accept (it). 2) Change (it). Or 3) Leave (it). Life can be difficult. We all have our troubles. Those who can help those who need it. Remember that God's Creation has already been set up to take good care of us, with All, that we are in the midst of a well-balanced Universe that is ours, that everything is in its right place, ultimately we are here to enjoy our lives and not to worry too much… Anyway, blablabla, read this before I erase it, look at Shane and these videos he makes and puts out! What a loving thing to be doing, taking one's time to do, see God everywhere, see God in Shane! xobrigitte

  2. I had a problems with some neighbours a while back. I drew pictures representing them a blank white paper nothing bad though. I thought about the situation and looked at the picture for a week. Then i just forgot about the picture but about 18months later I never seen them again. The landlord said he evicted them for not paying their rent. I was like omg!

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