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Identifier: homeofgodspeople00gage
Title: The home of God’s people
Year: 1874 (1870s)
Authors: Gage, William Leonard, 1832-1889
Subjects: Bible Palestine — Description and travel
Publisher: Hartford, Conn. : Dustin, Gilman & Co.
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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toward the gates of Jezreel, where was the wounded and con-valescent Jehoram and .his nephew Ahaziah the King of Judah.On the tower of Jezreel a man was stationed to look alwaystowards the east, to give notice of any possible Syrian inva-sion. The watchman, looking down the pass which is betweenLittle Hermon and the hills of Gilboa, saw the advancing troop,and reported the movement to the King below. The latterordered a messenger to be despatched at once, who hurrieddown to Jehu, and asked, Is it peace? The reply was THE STRATEGY OF JEHU. 345 characteristic, What have I to do with peace; turn thee be-hind me. And tlie watchman told, saying The messengercame to them, but he cometh not again. Then he sent out asecond on horseback, and said, Then saith the king, Is itpeace? Now Jehu answered, What have I to do withpeace, turn thee behind me. By this time they were so neaithat the watchman could see the manoeuvre, and could alsodiscern that the furious driver was no other than Jehu, whose

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ANCIENT CHARIOT. stormy, impatient and impetuous character were so well indi-cated by his driving. He rapidly approached. The IsraeliteKing rose from his bed, and mounting his chariot and takinghis royal nephew along with him, he hastened out to meetthe dreaded soldier whose errand was so clear. And it cameto pass when Joram saw Jehu that he said, Is it peace, Jehu ?And he answered, What peace so long as the whoredoms ofthy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many! AndJoram turned his hands and fled and said to Ahaziah, There 346 DKE^VDFUL END OF JEZEBEL. is treachery, O Ahaziiih. At that instant Jehu drew hisbow with liis full strength and gave Jehoram a wound whichcaused instant death. It so fell out, that he was at that veryinstant riding through the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite.His body was cast out into that very field which his fatherhad gained by infamy, and so the old prediction of Elijah wasfulfilled. Ahaziah fled, but was pursued and was slain at oneof the passes

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