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Banishing is an old kind of term of art and the idea was to send it away or send someone away. You have to be careful with this because frequently this is in the midst of conflict.

When there’s conflict there’s hurt feelings, there’s woundedness, there’s anger which is protecting you from the hurt feelings and a lot of it can be buried. You think you’re coping but you’re not.

When you start to do banishing– I was a witch. I was a very young witch and I put a banishing pentagram– I talked about it in The Book of Shadows. I kept putting a banishing pentagram on the office door of my then boss who was very difficult to deal with to say the least.

He exploded out of his office after three weeks and fired me. I was ready to quit anyway so it was fine, but I learned. I thought I was very calm when I was doing it and in fact I was calm while I was doing it.

But, I was also very hurt and tired and exhausted and frustrated and a lot
of that emotion had to have been fueling the banishing pentagram be cause
he reacted in kind. He responded with a lot of anger himself. So, you want to be careful when you start to move into banishing.

It is appropriate, however, in situations of tremendous injustice, cruelty.
When you are dealing with a situation of another person who has engaged in
harm and delivered harm and they need to be dealt with. And so, banishing
or binding, this is the other way of doing it, are two of the common ways in which no harm is inflicted on the other person. You are simply putting

You’re digging the moat, putting up the wall and making it impossible for
them to reach you. You are sending energy and sending the person away. Bad
boyfriends. Bad girlfriends. Show them the door. Change the lock. Don’t answer the emails. You have to act in accord.

This is the key with all spells, is to act in accord. Your behavior has to
be consistent with the desired goal. You don’t always need to use spells.
Sometimes you can do this in very practical real world simple ways. Say
goodbye. Be consistent. Change the lock.

But, if you want to do a banishing or you want to do a binding when you’re
dealing with something more serious, a very simple banishing; you take a
little bit of the cayenne pepper, which has this very hot energy so you don’t want it to be your energy and we temper it with a little bit of sage which is a purifying herb.

You can grow it in your garden or you can get it out of your kitchen cabinet. In this case, I’m just going to grind it right in the palm of my hand, just a little bit. Normally, I’d use a lot more but that’s enough.

You don’t need a lot.

I would mix it together. This way I’m going counter-clockwise which is the
direction of banishing. It’s called [xx]. Wonderful old word. Counter-
clockwise. The opposite direction. The direction of [xx]right.
I would go outside and I would blow it. Hard. Be gone. One, two, three, done. And then I wash my hands.

Then I get on with my life. I don’t linger. I don’t devote any energy. If you want to banish it, if you want it gone, don’t devote any energy to it. Move on to the next thing.

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  1. The problem is l live with my family. My parents and sister insisting them to come or to stay as they believe guests are god instead of knowing that they are toxic and annoying as hell and even desire to harm us. My family is the most hypocrite l have ever seen.its that only l am the one who hates them and does not want them to come.will it work for me? Pls answer

  2. How can I release my lost boyfriend from the mirror, I think he got lost in a mirror when he died? is that weird to think? my cat is responding on the mirror when I ask my lost boyfriend to call out for the cat. something doesn't feel right.

  3. Salt packets by your computer. Sneer them by others that you feel are negative.
    Also have you… some are “sensitive” emotionally or overly… look into EMF stones. Royal shungite, jet, wear Black tourmaline stone.
    Lastly did you draw this to yourself like laws of attraction?! Sometimes take responsibility to your ways too.

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