Thinking about that other? Wish they where here with you?

Well maybe not tonight, but this powerful ritual can help in stimulating the situation.. If you smoke trees, burn one to fully get into this. Before we begin, make sure there won’t be any distractions. Turn off phones and TV’s. Some vibes playing in the background could help with setting the mood.

Items needed for Ritual:
  • An incense burner
  • A pinch of dried rose petals or yarrow
  • Aloe incense – Usually burned to stimulate psychic abilities.
  • Copal incense – Usually used for uplifting spirits, and to attract love.


Begin by meditating, and as the smoke from the incense begins to fill the room, visualize your lover’s face in the smoke. Lightly whisper these words over and over until you feel the magick happen.

“Magick herbs, burn in fire, bring to me my hearts desire.”… It’s Done

Blessed be,