Harry Potter Chess Piece
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Image by mich&pics
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Orlando

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Harry Potter

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17 thoughts on “Harry Potter Chess Piece”

  1. But didn’t Harry walk all the way up to the king after Ron sacrificed himself ? He didn’t walk away then toward the kingg

  2. I really know nothing about chess but wanted to see if it was a legitimate game of chess. I've been a fan of Go for long time but this makes me want to get into chess.

  3. Such a cool position and such a shame that they didn't properly show it in the movie! Why not show Harry capturing the queen and delivering checkmate?!? Why not let us actually see the position? Why not point out that they've lost their queen, putting them at a disadvantage? That Hermione's rook is cutting off the king and so is the bishop on c6? If only they could check it. But the queen's covering too many squares.

    Then suddenly Ron has a flash of insight, we need to get the bishop to c5! Hence rook to c3 with a sacrifice! Then Harry could say okay, I'll move to c5 now. Then Ron says no, I'll sacrifice myself on h3 instead. The audience could actually follow it and chess fans of all levels would get a higher level of satisfaction. But no, the movie wastes Silman and goes into the same old vague mumbo jumbo as most movies…

  4. A lot of people are saying that Ron was being brave for sacrificing himself, rather than sacrificing Harry and while this is true, I have to bring up one point: Harry Potter was not actually WITH a bishop pawn; he WAS the bishop. If Ron decided to sacrifice Harry, Harry would have become a Shish Kabab.

  5. In the movie, after Bc5 the king must have resigned, because there was no queen dying, or any other mover after it.

  6. This is amazing! The movie didn't show Harry taking the queen though and giving checkmate. I wonder how the black queen was taken?

  7. That's the whole point of this position. Ron could have made the checkmate himself by sacrificing Harry but instead sacrifice himself and reversed the role. This shows how brilliant IM Jeremy Silman is, the chess consultant, to come up with this hypothetical game.

  8. At 2:20, when black plays Rc3, white should have played Qd5 instead. The game would then be longer by at least 12 moves. After Qd5, black would play Nh3….white Kh1, Bc1. Rxc1, Rxc1. Kg2, Nf4. Kg3, Nxd5. Ng2, Rc3. Kg4, Nxc7. Bxc7, Rc4. Nf4, Rxf4. Kg3, Rf3. Kg2, Rg4. Kh1, Rc3#

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