Draw A Love In

Draw A Love In

Love spells at times tend to be tricky in the world of magic. Here is a simple, yet powerful love spell that doesn’t specifically target anyone. This spell simply releases a spiritual call to the Universe to bring a new person into your path.

Objects needed for spell:

  • 2 acorns
  • Rose oil
  • Ylang ylang oil

To begin, put two drops of the rose oil in your right palm. Then put two drops of ylang ylang oil in your left palm. Now, rub your hands together, pick up the acorns and roll them around in your hands coating the acorns with the oils. While holding the acorns your hands, raise your hands over your head and say:

I make my spiritual call to the powers that be,
Bring me new love my way – I say,
Like these seeds that grow and grow,
Romance comes my way.

When finished, lower your hands in front of you. Look down at your hands, and think about a new person coming into your life. Think about why you want to meet this new someone. Place one acorn on either side of your bed, and pretty soon you will draw a new special someone into your life!


Blessed be,