Breaking Spells Breaking Curses

Breaking Spells or Breaking Curses are expected to break a spell that has been thrown against you. So in the event that you feel that another person is utilizing witchcraft to cause you harm, this is a spell you need to attempt. Banishing spells may keep somebody far from you, yet they won’t break any revile or hex as of now made.

What’s more, please recollect that not all misfortune is caused by another person cursing you. Indeed it can (and does) happen, yet be sensible while attempting these kinds of spells on the grounds that a couple of things could turn out badly for you.

What’s needed for casting of spell:

• 12 white candles

• 1 dark or dim purple flame

• 1 measure of coarse salt

• 1 tbs lavender blooms

• 1 tbs white sage (not green)

• 1 tbs chamomile

You don’t have to be specific with the herbs, as long as they are in generally similar extents.

Play out this spell on the night after a full moon for best results. On your sacrificial stone (Altar) make a circle with the 12 white candles. Put the black one in the middle. Don’t light the light the candles just yet.

Fill your bathtub with warm / hot water, add the salt and the herbs. Light the candles and get in the bathtub. Get settled and rehash the accompanying:

By the light of moon’s melt away

Wash down my spirit of this stain

Give the spell a chance to be invert

Lift away this dull revile

As I enter consecrated space

Restore my spirit to elegance

Pour a portion of the bathwater over your head (keep your eyes shut!). Do this 3 times, and say what is left of the words each time:

I excuse what was finished

Give the spell a chance to be fixed

Remain in the tub until the point when the water starts to chill. When you get out, put out the candles but leave them in their circle. For the following 3 evenings, relight them all and rehash the second piece of the spell. After the third night, relight the dark light and let it burn…

That’s it!

Blessed Be,