Black Salt | Witch's Salt | Magical Recipe

Black Salt Recipe, also known as Witches’ Salt.

What you need;

🔥Sea Salt,
🔥Black Pepper,
🔥Charcoal (disk or activated powder) or
🔥Ashes (from a fire or spell ashes)
🔥Fire proof dish,
🔥Mortar and Pestle,


🔥 Add the black pepper and charcoal to the mortar and pestle and grind into a fine powder,

🔥Add salt to the mix, but in small amounts to make sure not to add too much, changing the colour.

🔥When your salt is evenly mixed, transfer it into a fireproof container.

🔥Place your chosen incense cone on top of the mixture and burn it.

🔥When the incense has burned out, mix the ashes into the salt.

🔥Store the salt in an airtight container.

I found this recipe online, thank you. It helped me, so I thought I’d share it and pass on the magic.

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13 thoughts on “Black Salt | Witch's Salt | Magical Recipe”

  1. I have and always have had to make do with what I had lying around the house, I had to be as resourceful as I could and I still do! I managed to make the black salt without buying any ingredients! I made charcoal out of cocktail sticks and a lit candle, I made salt from ocean water and grinding it, I got pepper from a restaurant… hehe, and I made incense cones with water and cinnamon powder!

  2. I also wonder if it's bad that I use a lighter instead of matches, I heard it is but for some reason I don't feel comfortable using matches because my hands shake,oh well.

  3. I did this same recipe but without the insence, and it's kinda grayish so I probably used too much salt, but I have an idea that would work really well I'm going uses the ashes from herbs that weren't used in a spell and mix that up in it also I used scented violet oil because I like the smell, I don't think that would defeat the purpose of the black salt or interfere with a spell in my opinion.

  4. Hi, what incense would I use if I make the salt to try to get someone to move away. Sprinkle on the path to the house like I saw in a video. I got basic black salt made with pepper and salt and charcoal but not used herbs like u did. Should I start over and what incense to get? Thanks.

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