Binding of The displaying of supposed witchcraft
witchcraft art
Image by University of Glasgow Library
This is a large paper copy, bound in red morocco, with the monogram of Charles II stamped in gold in the four corners of each cover and on the spine.

Webster, John, 1610-1682. The displaying of supposed witchcraft. London, printed by J.M., 1677; folio (Sp Coll Ferguson Ag-x.12)

In this prophetic prayer session, Jennifer goes into spiritual warfare against the spirit that’s attacking people who are pressing into Kingdom works! You can find Jennifer’s ministry online at You can sow into the ministry at You can find 24/7 streaming of these prayer events at
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  1. Yeah They are called spiritual stalkers and identity thieves. They rat into other believers computers, using rescue techniques that are meant to rescue vulnerable women and children and use them for their own personal agenda or vendetta. They trespass on property using "pick keys" and steal personal documents and glean through personal journals and eavesdrop. Then they use you like a specimen in a petri dish and whatever hardship you may be going through and go write a book about it, as if it was their own experiential wisdom and knowledge; the whole while operating in a diabolical usery spirit, the ultimate concubining and euniching scheme ever and making money on the heartache and pain of others. They are the Ultra Pimps! Just had one of these demonized false seerers try to take off with a net of the Kingdom exploits. So I just say a little prayer I call, the "prayer of understanding" and now they will pay the same hellish warfare price that was fought for those exploits. SHALOM & ALL PRAISE TO YAHUAH, YAHSHUA HA MACHIACH! The Narrow Path is more Narrow than we were taught. The Most High Yah deliver us out of all the putrid vomit waters of the multi headed dragon that is being spewed out. Time to really WAKE UP, the anti-messiah is already here and already risen to power. The dragon has gained strength through all of the blood shed that continues through the martyrdom happening now and in our country. Ecumenicals and Messianics Wake up!

  2. Praise the Lord.. from London.. hope we see you here soon.. if He releases you to come. Be very blessed sister xx

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