Beginning Your Path in Your Personal Craft || Witchcraft 101

Whew! This one’s a long one, but I hope it answers most of your questions that you may have if you’re just starting out. I’m not an expert, but these are all things I’ve learned along my journey and things that have helped me! Best of luck~

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What is witchcraft 1:17
Where do I start? 1:58
What ‘type’ of witch am I? 4:09
What tools do I need? 4:41
Spell casting 10:24
Curses & love spells 15:46

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Spell Candles:

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  1. I get good energy from you! I think of you as a friend even though I don’t know you irl! 😊

  2. Thanks for the information. Can you do something on Halloween/ Samhain. For us since it is October

  3. I've been very out of practice since having my daughter 3 years ago. I tried diving back in like it was no problem and ho-ly shit… I have never been more confused along my path (and I've been doing this for almost 10 years). So I decided to crash course from the start and your video is the first I came across. This was definitely a great video to start with! 🖤

  4. When she was talking about how accessible it is now, it reminded me that before I started practicing I didn't see all these shops and books but as soon as I started and looked for materials, I saw tons of stores and information in my town that I never realized was there.

  5. Devil!!! It's the Devil!!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Laughing so hard right now. Love you Olivia🥰

  6. What do I do about incense? My roommate hates the smell and always knows when I burn them somehow. I have candles and sage that I try to mask with fabreeze and that works for now.

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