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Avebury is seen as a spiritual centre by many who profess beliefs such as Paganism, Wicca, Druidry and Heathenry, and indeed for some it is regarded more highly than Stonehenge. The pagan festivals all attract visitors, and the summer solstice especially draws increasingly large crowds from the religious to the idly curious. Avebury is said to stand on the St Michael ley line, an alignment that goes across England from Cornwall to East Anglia.

As a documentary film maker, I wanted also to share the ghostly legends attached to the Red Lion pub by filming in an empty bar there, (where a woman was drowned in a well – and haunts the bar) but the Assistant Manager (who would only speak to me through a barman, and never in person) informed me that such activities were strictly forbidden under company policy.

Initially I was told that I couldn’t take any images either, but they relented when the listening crowd of tourists and other patrons in the bar became concerned that they were to be denied the opportunity of taking some holiday pictures.

I am surprised sometimes by the over-reactions I receive from some people when I propose an opportunity to not only shoot, but to give themselves free publicity.
It certainly would not have been inconveniencing to their business, and I wouldn’t have troubled them.

In any case, I also realise that they are free to run their business as they see fit.

If you own, or have access to an interesting historic and haunted building, please let me know, as I may cover it in a future presentation.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this video, and comment and/or show your approval by clicking, `like`.

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17 thoughts on “Avebury”

  1. If churches are abandoned, and presumably deconsecrated, do you find there is any difference in the level of activity compared with an actively used building?

  2. It's interesting that no one ever really picks up on residuals of the people who actually placed the stones there in the first place so long ago. I've never had the opportunity to touch these stones myself but have never heard anyone even mention this. Who were all these ancient stone movers and builders?

  3. I just watched this video and, as usual, was very interested and impressed with the way you present this subject matter. I hope someday to be able to visit Avebury myself.

  4. I don't know why people think Stonehenge is unbelievable in it's majesty , Avebury is far more impressive with even bigger stones and a lot more of them and you can actually walk up to them and touch them unlike Stonehenge where you have to pay a criminal amount of money and held back from the stones by ropes. I just hope Avebury stones are always as it should be with our ancient historic sites , free.

  5. Had a fantastic cream tea & scone at Avebury..Visited St. James church & also ate at the Red Lion Inn…The whole place was mystical to me..I am very sensitive to the other worldly..(also Glastonbury Tor, all the places, even Hastings etc.)Definitely in that place there is a presence.. I feel my ancestors everytime I visit England(I do genealogy & love history). When I'm home, some part of me is still in England…Thank you once again for your videos!!!! p.s. LOVE the fish & chips…Visited The Mary Rose exhibit in 2016, it was FANTASTIC!! Got my DNA back, yep, British, Welsh, Ireland, Scandinavia, Scottish:father's side/all Italian on mother's side…Wow, I'm babbling, just excited to make contact with someone that understands lol

  6. ok..The reunion was a dream come true..We all went to visit Avebury..At the time I didn't know much about it or abt ley-lines..We were walking along, hugging stones,lol, all of a sudden I felt a surge at the bottom of my feet thru to top of my head..It happened in a second, yet it seemed everything was in slow motion..I could see the cousins talking & didn't notice me..When it was done I said, "WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!!" The English cousins laughed & said, "Oh, you learned something abt the leylines, did ya?

  7. Just found your videos 🙂 Thank you so much!!!! I'm in the usa & have been to England several times & visited Avebury & many more places…Wiltshire is the land of my ancestors..Pewsey, All Cannings etc. A worldwide reunion was celebrated 2000 at Swanborough Tump, down the road of the White Chalk horse..It's where King Alfred & his brother signed their will in 878 ad..I LOVE England..It is in my heart & soul..I have 10,000 ancestor names, and cousins (we have a common ancestor back 1700 & then loops to common ancestor to 1500. I will write another comment of my experience in Avebury..

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