Merry Meet,

Today I would like to write about a money ritual that I personally use in my life to bring about prosperity. We all need money to live, and the more wealth creating energy we put out the more our lives better.

Items needed for Ritual:

  • 2 Green candles
  • 1 White candle
  • Cinnamon oil
  • A money note (Large bills Preferable)
  • An Incense burner
  • And Patchouli incense

Best Ideal Time: Thursday or Friday night. Best in a full moon.

Grab the Incense burner, and the Patchouli incense. Light the Patchouli incense, and let the smoke cover the room. As the incense smoke spreads around the room, place the money flat on a table, then sit the candles on top of the money. Carve your name and words describing money along the sides of the candles. Rub the Cinnamon oil around the candles coating them well, then light them.

Now, close your eyes. Clench your fists firmly until you feel your pulse throbbing beneath your fingers. Start to Project what you want, Repeating: “Wealth And Riches Are Attracted To Me” .

Meditate this, Repeat This Out loud, Repeat This To Your Inner Self, Believe This!

Stay in the room repeating these words until the candles and the incense are completely burned down. It’s Done…

Blessed Be,