Merry Meet,

Wiccan-Chat was launched on 12/25/2017

The main focus of this site is to provide a social platform where all may come together, start a community discussion. Make Connections with like minded people, share spells, create groups, create events, upload photos, audios, videos, and much more. Ask questions to learn the Craft from others within this new community!

Individuals from this site can learn or educate others with respect to Pagan occasions, moon stages, light enchantment, Earth enchantment and so forth. This is my full purpose and enthusiasm for making this site.

Begin a discussion, learning or passing on knowledge to help individuals whom are new to Wicca, the individuals whom take after these ways as opposed to being misinformed by those whom propagate unwarranted superstitions in light of his own feelings, or religion. Our beliefs, practices, morals, values and ethics will be openly discussed within

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