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  1. Wicca is a positive religion, but through witchcraft you cannot control the elements you create a harmony between them and you. I hate it when people make witchcraft and paganism look bad, it’s not we literally have a rule that states
    Do what you want if it harms none
    Also this bitch totally didn’t have depression you can’t just wake up and not have depression tf is she on

  2. Ha ha an 11 or 14 year old girl doesn't practice witchcraft, you don't just decide to become a pagan from one day to another and then you're a witch 😀 At that age you're just confused and in search of something that might help you to feel better.
    Depression doesn't just go away because of some believe, it is a psychological issue that should be treated professionally.

  3. Thank god that was not just some mainstream religious propaganda just because there are still other religions than Christianity, and they depend on having the coolest imaginary friend. Everyone else is just a darn old poopy pants

  4. What she experienced was very natural; it was sleep paralysis. It was nothing supernatural. I experienced before. Doctors say it's usually caused by stress or sleep deprivation. Eliminating stress, anxiety and improved sleeping habits could stop sleep paralysis.

  5. Not all magic is bad, the world that we live in is itself a manifestation of imagination and intention. If what is written in Leviticus is true then it demands clarification because one could infer the need to bind their soul within a cage if it is taken too literally. Don't make deals with things that you don't understand otherwise exploration and innocent (not intended to effect another without consent) practice doesn't seem to me to be something that offends god or the universe.

  6. I guess we're supposed to count the hits and ignore the misses. GOD IS NO BETTER THAN RANDOM CHANCE is basically a placebo effect. Only you can create a real change in your life, god just might make you "feel good" while doing it, or trick you into thinking he somehow did it, like any true placebo effect would do. With prayer you might as well be flipping a coin or living your life via magic 8 ball. I know some things may seem miraculous, but the simply aren't. With the lottery for example we tend to only interview the individual who won the lottery rather that the millions who did not. For the person who won "it was a miracle. I mean what are the odds?" But for everyone else who lost there was no miracle to be seen. It's like giving a 100 people each a coin and and then having them all flip it, if they get heads they stay, in they get tails, they are eliminated. Have them flip once, then half of them are out. Have the remaining individuals repeat the coin flip, and another half leaves. We continue this until the last two people are left, and then one of them wins. Well you may think the winner cheated or somehow this was some sort of crazy superstitious phenomena, I mean he flipped a heads more than ten consecutive times! But in reality this is just how statistics, chance, and sample sizes work. Someone had to be the one to flip it the coin consecutively however many times in order to win. It may seem spooky, but this is just how our brains can be wired to see "superstitious occurrences" where there are none. There are 99 individuals who did not win in this case, and the superstitiously minded individual will focus only on the one who did win and then ignore the rest of the group. Our minds are just flawed in quite many ways; we are pattern seekers who tend to see patterns even where there are none, and we must to get past this sort of illogical process if we are to continue the process of striding to obtaining a genuine understanding of the world.

  7. Spirits don't exist! Jesus or magic won't help you beyond maybe a basic placebo effect. Secular therapy is the way to go! The religiously devout drive me crazy for their unjustified belief in "real" magic and sorcery. My dad is a smart christian with a degree in engineering, but he still somehow thinks that magic and witchcraft are real. This demonstrates how religion can poison the mind of the otherwise intelligent. It's the same very thing that makes him want to deny evolution. He also things acting on any gay thought is inherently wrong. I myself am gay, but he still thinks this. We're on good terms still, but clearly religion has poisoned his epistemology and held him back from accepting certain scientific facts and important political positions. Many religious people can compartmentalize conflicting ideas in their minds, but for some their religious stance manages to find its way into every other thought and opinion they hold. Christianity is not alone in this as many other superstitious religious ideas guarantee similar results across all spectrums of thought.

  8. I’m a Wiccan and we do not worship the devil. Also I don’t believe in god and when u dead u dead. Sue me.

  9. What if you’re creating spells with your own energy and not with spirits…does that make things bad?

  10. She wasn't practicing the craft correctly. Witchcraft has saved so many people, but i guess it wasn't her path. Blessings to you today, tomorrow & forever. So, mote it be. ❤

  11. I’m glad Im not this stupid and ignorant this is not what Wicca is as a Wiccan this sounds stupid
    Edit: not all Christians are bad but this right here gives Wiccans,pagans and witches a bad name

  12. Wicca maked me change! In a súper Good way. Thank of that, I left my fears away. And I am happy and successful today. Wicca is not for everyone. Please, Respect us and We will respect you.

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