Affirmations are a powerful tool that you can use to help achieve your life’s desires. Many people use affirmations to manifest their dreams. However, there are just as many who use affirmations but never see any results. This might be because they are not using them correctly.

I am a big believer in the power of manifestation. We all have this power to manifest our dreams – but in order to do so, we have to shift to a more positive way of thinking.

Here Are 6 rules for a successful outcome

  • Consistency is incredibly important. Once you get started with your practice, the repetition has a lasting effect that will continue to build upon itself.
  • The mistake that many people make is that they give up the process entirely too early. When you give up too soon, you don’t give the affirmations enough time to set into your subconscious.
  • Using a different affirmation every day is like trying to work on a dozen various projects at once. Since each project requires your energy and attention, you can’t help but shift your focus and effort from project to project.
  • Be Specific The more detail you can include in your positive affirmations the more real it will become, and the more believable it is. Just like when you are setting your goals, you need to inform your Articular System what it is you want to achieve. You need to aim to be as specific as possible. When you can be specific with your affirmations, they can provide you with the motivation and opportunity to get everything you desire.
  • Active Visualization It isn’t enough to merely read your affirmations off of a card and then quickly move onto the next one. You have to visualize the affirmations. You have to read each affirmation and then spend a few minutes imagining what it will be like when the statement is achieved. Think about what you will see, what you will hear, what smells you’ll experience, and what feelings you’ll have about the achievement.
  • Audio Motivation Music can be a potent tool to use with your affirmations. When you read your affirmations, consider listening to some motivational, stirring, or upbeat music. Listening to music can help to stir up the feelings inside you. It is your feelings that generate the internal vibrations that will ultimately move you closer to your desires.

Blessed be,