10 thoughts on “5 Super Simple Spells For Beginners: Part 1”

  1. I need money I dont got candles I got cigarettes smoking takes away my energy to write and I'm angry and stressed I'm broke financially the romance with money is gone so there's no candles

  2. Does anybody know how to get in contact with Fallen Angel's. Like Azazel without I say again without ritual or contacting there children aka demons. I just want to contact a Fallen Angel again not there disembodied kids. If anyone knows how to please let me know.

  3. You are a GODDESS. I’m in Love, but not in a creepy way, no worries! I would love to meet you sometime. I’m trying to work white magic, It’s all new to me.

  4. I’m happy to say, I was born in a Mormon household, my whole life I went to church, my mom never went just me and my dad, he passed away 2 years ago and I felt pressure to go to church, I knew I loved my church and church family but it did not feel right, Today I told my mom I’m leaving the church and she told me it was okay and it’s America and I can be any religion I want, I feel very relaxed and not stressed out anymore, I’ve always been fascinated with the religion of Wicca and I’m very happy to be part of this practice, people think that because I’m a witch that I’m the devil, but that’s simply not true, now that I’m Wiccan I feel very humble and I’m finally at peace. It’s all about learning to love and be humble towards yourself if that’s your intentions <3

  5. Hey thanks for the video 😊. I just have a question, how do you wiccans and wizards know all of this technical stuff about how to do spells and whatnot?? Did u read books first or do someone tell you? Do u have any books you'd recommend?

  6. I love making juju bags lol the actual sewing of the bag calms me and I put my intention into every stitch

  7. my friend who practices witchcraft told me that if you use a an oil or spray that has ingredients that are unknown to you, the spell can go wrong. she said it’s better to make your own oils or sprays using ingredients that you know and like. does this apply to candles too?

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