Blessed be! These are just a few herbs you can find in your kitchen or the supermarket for quick, easy, inexpensive witchery. There are many more herbs, found in the kitchen that you can use in cooking and magick. This video does not contain all the uses, for each herb, that is up to you to research and discover for yourself. Blessed Be. Please enjoy 🙂

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18 thoughts on “10 Herbs for Magick, you can find in your kitchen”

  1. Hello! I'm watching many of your video, is it okay if all the spices you have mentioned is fine to mixed it all together in one small bottle for good luck purpose, pls reply me before I make it wanna try hope It will helps me, because I do believe in natural rituals and healing.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. I'd just like to say I love your videos. I am also a little confused. I have been reading a lot about herbal magic and somethings don't seem to make sense to me. Most of the herbs seem to do the same thing – protection, purification, love, money attraction. Why would they all do similar things magically? Especially when they do totally different things medically. Wouldn't there be some connection with their medicinal and magical benefits? Also how can a plant that is used for exorcism (sending something away) be used for love (attracting something) if that makes sense? Surely it either attracts or repels. Also everyone seems to be getting their info from the place – like writing a wish on a bay leaf then burning it. Though I did see somewhere that you should write on it something you wish to rid yourself of then burn the bay leaf. This would seem at first glance to make more sense if Bay is used for protection and exorcism. Do you see where I'm coming from? Totally confused. Please any advice is welcome. Again, love your videos. Can't wait for more.

  3. What's the background music track called I have been looking for it for years but don't know the name

  4. Have you talk about rose pedals? ??there part of the witchy herbs to. And you can find these special herbs at el super.

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