🕯️ Light a white candle during this morning prayer.

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Any good Wiccan morning routine starts with some hot tea and a quick Wiccan devotion or prayer.

Everyday a candle ritual and a tea meditation. Save the Daily Wiccan Devotional to your favorites so you can go back every morning for a good morning Wiccan ritual.

As we say: “If you want to be a Witch, you gotta find your Magic!”. Start your day with a morning Wiccan spell or little prayer of gratitude. That’s what devotion is: A reminder of your loyalty and faith in a Higher Wisdom. Chant this Wiccan prayer for a good day as part of your daily routine and ensure a good morning and start of your activities.

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Have a good morning spell, and a blessed day!


Prayer transcription:

Let me look at nature awhile.
The brilliant blue of the morning sea, of the cloudless sky,
the yellow shore; all lovely, all bathed in light.

Already over the sea from her old spouse she comes,
the blonde Goddess whose frosty wheels bring day.
Now drowsiness is richest, the morning air is cool,
and birds sing shrilly from their tender throats.

How many times I’ve wished Night would not yield to you,
the stars not fade and flee before your face!

Empress Mother,
I thank you for this new day
Thanks for the life you give me
Guide my steps and let everything I do be blessed.
Give me wisdom and strength to stand strong through any storm.

Cover me with your light so that nothing can harm me.
Make of today a productive day and help me achieve all my goals.
Show me a joyful day and teach me to radiate happiness.
In the silence of this day that begins,
I come to ask for peace, prudence, strength.

Thank you, Mother, for pouring blessings in my life.
For giving me new life and an opportunity to start again
Today I have the power to change everything that’s bad into bright blessings.
Today I declare myself free from all oppression, disease and suffering.

Today I want to look at the world with eyes full of love,
to be patient, understanding and wise.
Thank you for this prayer that is a seed sown in the heart of your Grace.

The rising sun has crowned the hills,
And added beauty to the plain;
O grand and wondrous spectacle!
That only nature could explain.
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